And the wind the wind is coming : from 28 to 29 of september, be ready !


We, collective of associations from Grand-Est and inhabitants resisting for almost 25 years against Bure’s giant nuclear dump, call for everyone from France and beyond borders, that feel concerned by Bure and antinuclear struggle, and want to understand what’s happening, to come to Nancy, saturday 28th and sunday 29th of September.

Bure – a small part of the Departement of Meuse – is supposed to become one of Europe’s largest industrial projects: In a construction site going on for 130 years, 300 km (185 miles) of tunnels are supposed to be built for the storage of 85,000m3 (535,000 barrel) of nuclear waste 500m (1650ft) underneath the ground for the next 100,000 years – guaranteed risk-free.
There are real risks behind those abstract numbers: fires, explosions, contamination, massive ejections. For 25 years, the nuclear lobby and the state have been advertising for the project by making the local population serve as their guinea pigs and  silencing elected representatives with a 1-billion legal corruption.

Since summer 2017, the carrot turned into a stick with a wave of repressive measures and criminalization unprecedented in the modern history of territories in struggle – 60 trials, 28 refusals of the right to stay, several jail sentences, dozens suspended sentences, and an investigation for « criminal association » preventing 9 people to see each other. The CIGÉO hole needs to be digged whatever the cost, even if it means burying a few opponents with the nuclear wastes.

Despite all this, we are more determined than ever in standing up against this environmental, social and ethical heresy. We are all driven by the determination to halt this ominous project and raise our voices against this machine of destruction. Facing omerta and silence, our voices scream, whisper, laugh, call out and shout that they will not stay quiet. We refuse both radioactive and tear gas clouds.

We stand up but sometimes embers need to be revived in order to get back to the heat of a collective force: good! We have breath and so do you!

In front of this brutal wave of repressive measures and militarization in Bure, and after the eviction of the Bois Lejuc occupied until February 2018, we need new grips and step aside, to look for ascending flows. The Bure struggle arouses regional, national and international stakes. We are all concerned. For a start, we let ourselves pushed by the Wind to Nancy, still spared today but that would have a ringside seat in case of radioactive leaks : it is located barely 50 kilometers east, below the prevailing wind.

Just like radioactivity, wind has no smell and is invisible. We choose today’s wind of Bure over the threatening gusts of tomorrow which would irradiate us quietly. During that weekend, let’s make it beautiful and perceptible: kites, balloons and our combined imaginations will represent all these invisible forces.

Storms are raging against state and corporate power all over the world these days. Storms that seek to sweep away  those who by all means hold onto a system that is raging merciless war against all forms of life and is destroying the climate in the name of profit.  But in an even more hostile political context, the repressive and authoritarian storm strikes increasingly hard.

Behind this call-out, there’s the need to breathe together and make space for a different wind to blow, the undertow of a whole territory. The one blowing against CIGEO and its world, this world allowing it, and the one even more devastated that it would induce. In order to organize this panting society transformation, we drape ourselves with all the colors in the world.

Saturday 28th, let’s gather massively to protest, respond to the authoritarian spiral and the arrogant self-confidence of the nuclear industry and show that we’re still here!

The power relationship has to be ceaselessly renewed : as our wind blows, CIGÉO goes…away!

Cedra, Eodra, local support committees and free electrons                                  

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